Living Civico is a way of living hospitality.

Living Civico is a way of living hospitality.

Your happy place in Garda Lake.

Civico42 Garda is the right place for you, if you want to discover the pleasure of a kind hospitality and the charm of a territory suspended between Lake, land and sky, which can not be told only with words.

Can you imagine the simple and pacifying beauty of Lake Garda? To appreciate it, it is better to live with fullness its seasons, the colors, the aromas, the tastes of the kitchen and the wines, the panoramas and the sunsets.

Our apartment is designed to make you feel at home: you can relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of the places to visit, just for a weekend or much longer.

To welcome you and welcome you in this happy place, in Garda, there is the landlady Valeria.

You’re welcome!

Civico42 Garda

Civico42 Garda is a holiday house located in a beautiful hilly area, a few minutes from the center of Garda, with a nice and scenic location on the Lake. A holiday apartment renovated and equipped with every comfort: the ideal place for a relaxing holiday on Lake Garda, for a weekend away and for a wonderful break. Silver olive trees, peaceful silences and relaxing views.